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Summary: A premier cross-border healthcare consulting firm serving biotech and medtech clients is now helping governments and businesses with COVID-19 medical supplies.

(Houston, TX) — Representatives with Houston, TX-based MyBioGate announced today that the company is actively helping governments and businesses source medical supplies in the time of the COVID-19 humanitarian crisis.

“MyBioGate is committed to connecting Chinese healthcare resources around the world.  As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be grim, our entire team is making preparations to provide resources from China,” said Miao Guo Smith, Vice President of Operations and spokesperson for MyBioGate.

“In the past three months, we’ve hosted 25 project online pitches selected from 300+ projects covering therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and medical devices and gathered 5000+ industry professionals to help China defeat COVID-19,” said Guo and added, “Now that the situation in China has improved, we feel obligated to help other countries that are combating the virus.”

MyBioGate recently helped Lithuanian central government source medical suppliers to manage the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

‘Health Emergency Situations Centre of the Ministry of Health of Lithuania sent a request on anti-pandemic medical supplies and devices,” revealed Guo. “MyBioGate sourcing team in China, the United States, Europe responded immediately and stayed on the call 24 hours in response to the urgent needs.  Everything moved at exceptional, wartime speed. In 4 days, 96 hours, we mobilized anti-epidemic medical supplies in 11 cities. Under the extremely short time and high market demand situation, we delivered 383 different models of ventilators over the weekend.”

MyBioGate established a platform with a variety of reliable sources of supply channels to help governments and hospitals source anti-epidemic products.

“Our platform includes epidemic prevention supplies, monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps/infusion pumps, ICU medical consumables, etc. to quickly meet customer needs,” highlighted Guo.

Regarding the company, Guo highlighted that MyBioGate is a cross-border healthcare consulting firm that works with biotech and medtech clients, and the Chinese pharma companies and investors. MyBioGate helps innovative healthcare projects connect with Chinese capital, market, and expert resources.

MyBiogate also organizes various China Focus events worldwide to bring together investors, pharma and medical devices industry leaders, and innovators from China and around the world for an exclusive partnering event designed to inspire, educate, and foster cross-border investment and collaboration in leading biopharma innovations.

For more information about MyBioGate’s action to help governments and hospitals source anti-epidemic products, please visit https://covid19.mybiogate.com/

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MyBioGate is a premier cross-border healthcare consulting firm serving Biotech and Medtech clients, and the Chinese Pharma companies and investors. Our mission is to connect China and the world in healthcare innovation. MyBioGate is committed to linking healthcare innovations in China and overseas. Our China Focus forums, Global Healthcare Innovation Competitions, and road shows to China, as well as the CUBIO Innovation Center provide innovative companies who intend to enter China market with platforms for exposure to potential investors and partners.  We help top Chinese pharmaceutical, medical device companies and CROs connect with partners and clients worldwide. We help China industry parks build top-tier life science clusters.

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