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KN95 mask-on Chinese Export “White List” to EU Countries

Kn95 face masks have a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for particles with an aerodynamic diameter ≥ 0.3µm, which can effectively filter and purify the inhaled gas and help reduce certain inhalable microbial particles (such as mold, anthracnose, tuberculosis, etc.). Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) is not less than 95%; the filtering efficiency of masks for non-oily particles should be not less than 30%, and the pressure difference should not be greater than 49Pa.

Product information

  • ChinaCustom Clearance “White-Listed”, able to export to European countries
  • Filtration Efficiency ≥95%, Non-medical use, equivalent to US N95 and EU FFP2.
  • FOB or CIF options, resolve your Customs and Shipping concerns
  • MOQ 100,000
  • Filtering oily and non-oily particles
  • Absorb dust, fume, mist, poisonous gases
  • Reduce inhalable microbial particles mold, anthracnose, tuberculosis


Please note, we work with multiple selected manufacturers to ensure quality and speed of delivery.  As a result, depending on the manufacturer when you place order, the look of the products may vary from the website listing.  Please always communicate with our sales representative if these are of concerns, and select the one that suits you.  Here are some of the varieties:

  1. Designmay vary: 3D Arc Design with Nose Bridge Stripe (Foldable) VS. 3D Solid Cup Design
    2.Color may vary
3.Package may vary
We’ve partnered up with several reliable manufacture which are all on the FDA EUA and Chinese Exporting “white list”. Packages may vary due to different sourcing, and the Chinese Customs requirements.

Purchase message

  • Our Min. Order quantity: PPE/Testing kits- 10,000pcs, medical equipment: 1-10 sets, depend on model